As a value-driven company, SISMA Group had acquired vast experience in diverse economic sectors. Among the significant corporate milestones achieved in the past were the privatization of two water treatment plants in Peninsular Malaysia in 1989 and its entry into the bottling business in 1995.
SISMA started its bottling operations beginning with the Kickapoo Joy Juice brand of soft drinks in Malaysia. Through its public-listed vehicle in Malaysia, the group also participated in the bottling and manufacturing of PepsiCo’s beverage brands in the country, which was later sold to a foreign company.

In the oil and gas sector, SISMA had also provided marine support services to the regional oil and gas industry. Among them were Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Straight Supply Vessels, utility boats, crew boats, landing crafts and accommodation barges among others. The division, through-out its years of operations, had served many reputable multinational companies as well as the national oil company.